Welcome to Forward Eye

Our Mindshare

We are a team of digital strategists and practitioners offering our decades of expertise in creating truly digital enterprises.

Our mission at Forward Eye is to help organizations accelerate business growth by impacting 3 touch points- customers, employees & the enterprise.

Our offerings are:

  • Digital Learning Solutions- Accelerating employee performance through online workforce solutions
  • Digital Enterprise Solutions- Accelerating enterprise processes and operations through mobile, cloud & social solutions
  • Digital Marketing Solutions- Accelerating demand generation and customer loyalty through managed marketing solutions

Note from the founder:

In the last 5 years, I have realized a sea change in the marketplace conditions. Consumers are driving enterprises towards everyday innovation. Employees are expecting rapid skill development and rewarding career paths. Hyper-technologies remain important to the core, but seek personalized and multi-channel touch points with users.

I strongly believe it’s time we bring the CTO, CMO and CLO organizations together. This is what we are doing at Forward Eye, transforming the digital enterprise.

– B (Ben) Nayak

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