Precision To Your Marketing Results

  • Content Development

    Digital content production including design, production, formatting, and localization.

  • Content Management

    Optimize and organize digital content- tagging, taxonomy, quality assurance.

  • Brand Marketing

    Manage brands, agencies, customer experience.

Digital Content Production

Meaning to content drives the value of creative. Our digital marketing ‘content’ solutions quadruple the value of your creative campaigns.

  • Content Production.¬†Digitization of legacy content from obsolete platforms to futuristic platforms, as well as development of new content.
  • Template Creation. Wireframes and templates designing and coding services to help factory model content population.
  • Content Localization. Customization of content to locale or specific geographies by taking global¬†assets and base content and localizing it by language and audience.
  • Media/ Animations/ Video Production. Design, development, curation and migration of media assets, animations and videos.

Content Management

  • Standards and Metadata Management.Develop standardized conventions to make your assets management simple and assets searchable.
  • Content Quality Analysis. Industry and subject oriented content review solutions to ensure error free messaging to your audiences.
  • Content Formatting. Applying consistent principles to look and feel of volume-based content.
  • Content Management Platforms. Customized content management platform development and support services.
  • Helpdesk and Technical Support. Managed helpdesk and technical support (phone and email).

Managing content effectively, makes your multichannel digital marketing campaigns targeted and personalized.

Brand Marketing

  • Campaign Management and Optimization. Collaborate with your internal teams and agencies to plan, manage and optimize marketing campaigns to ensure targeted results.
  • Display Ad Management and Optimization. Develop and optimize large scale display/ banner/ digital ads for maximized effect.
  • Content and Social Marketing. Plan, develop and manage long-term content and social marketing, delivering meaningful conversations.
  • Brand and Product Sites. Develop and manage audience engagement for digital product launches.
  • Brand and Product Training. Develop and deliver training to agencies, and channel partners.

Like we said, ‘best practices are no more’. We design digital marketing campaigns that run on receptive diagnostics.

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