Prescribing Information Interactive for Pharmaceutical Sales Teams


The company is a Fortune 500 rated and world leader in manufacturing and marketing therapeutic drugs. The company markets an anti-cancer drug acting as a selective proteasome inhibitor. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the drug on 20 July 2012 for use in patients with multiple myeloma.

Three years after FDA approved the expanded use of the anti-cancer drug for a deadly blood cancer. In 2015, the FDA  approved the drug as a second-line treatment for patients with relapsed cases of multiple myeloma. The company’s first prerogative was to train its sales representatives about the comprehensive prescribing information for the drug. Considering the large amount of prescribing information, the company wanted to provide the sales reps with a Go-To tool for accessing this information as needed.

Forward Eye worked with the company’s marketing and product education team to structure the prescribing information into topics such as Indications and Usage, Contraindications, Warnings and Dosages, etc. We designed unique elearning design that simulated the experience of Windows 10 desktop. Instead of a traditional elearning course, we designed a Prescribing Information Interactive solution. A personalized elearning user interface welcomed the learners to the training program. Once familiar, the learners were introduced with a non-linear learning path to explore and learn more. Also the Prescribing Information Interactive when used on iPads, offered a Go-To tool for easy information access.

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  • Experiential User Interface
  • Non-linear Learning Path
  • Windows 10 Based Theme

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