Customized Training on Pre-owned Vehicles, Vehicle Appraisal, Digital Marketing to Increase Dealership Performance.

The Need

The client is a global automobile manufacturer and supplier of many passenger and commercial vehicles. In annual dealer audits, KPIs indicated the need to enhance the way customers engage with the dealership line.

The key issues identified were:

  • Digital customer engagement at dealerships, not properly leveraged
  • Not applying the digital tools for online inventory management
  • Behind the competition in applying digital advertising solutions
  • Inability to analyze which lead generation tools deliver the best results
  • Dealer Training Elearning
  • Dealer Training Elearning
  • Dealer Training Elearning

Our Solution- Personalized Microlearning Courses

Our project team engaged in creating a corporate academy curriculum targeted toward topics including:

  • Pre-owned vehicle management
  • Inventory ageing analysis
  • New vehicle profitability
  • Digital marketing including SEO, SEM, conversion, and reputation management

An integrated automobile dealer training curriculum was designed with several topics mapped to each proficiency level. A suite of 12 microlearning courses were designed including several jobaids for on-job performance support. A drip approach was adopted to assign and deliver the dealer trainings to learners. Based on the proficiency level of the learner or employee, a set of 2-3 courses were assigned for completion. Automated variables were defined based on scores that would further invite the learner to training courses depending on his or her previous scores. 


12 custom microlearning courses in Storyline 360

Compact icon and illustration based visual design

Issue, features, and benefits as focal points

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