Product and Equipment Training for a Leading Manufacturer

distributor training for manufacturing companies

Product and equipment training are a great way to impact customer success and competitive marketshare. Our clients is a leading manufacturer in the field of mechatronics. The client is committed in delivering higher customer experience by continuously investing in product and customer facing training. One of the most focused areas in customer training is equipping it’s network of distributors across the globe with a blended wealth of knowledge base around the products and technologies.

As a learning and development partner, we worked with the client’s product teams and prime vendors to design and develop a series of customer and distributor training interventions. The scope of services included designing a unified user experience for its millennial workforce and experience experts. Microlearning courses were designed that included hands-on information on product features, competitive advantages and application areas.

Product models were created and used as tiny simlets (simulated animations) that explained the functioning of product components. Using a blended learning model, each of these courses extended support through discussion forums where beginners and intermediate learners exchanged high-impact knowledge with experts and referred to interactive elearning interventions when needed.

Product and equipment training for customers, distributors, and technical centers of manufacturing companies serve as high impact tools for performance improvement and market leadership.

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  • Blended Training Model
  • Experiential User Interface
  • Online Product Training

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