Shipping Manager’s Self-service Training


Self-service training is integral to everyday performance of the shipping and transportation manager.

Our client is one of the world’s largest express transportation company, the client handles over 3 million shipments in a day. The business is about relentless efforts in rapid, reliable, time-definite deliveries to more than 200 countries and territories.

For over 38 years, the company has successfully achieved its business goals by focusing on workforce performance improvement. However, on-job training and that too on a time-sensitive work floor is a difficult equation. The company recognized the need of self-service training interventions, or performance support tools, that can aid decision making at the ‘moment of need’.

Forward Eye consulted the client to identify circles of workforce or roles that are most needy of such self-service training or performance support interventions. The shipping manager and associated roles were piloted for the self-service training.

  • Three circles of workforce were identified in order of immediacy.
  • Daily job tasks were mapped to supported systems and processes.
  • Tactile decision points that affected individual performance and task success were singled out.
  • Employees could now access self-service interventions to perfect decision-making at the ‘moment of need.

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  • On-screen 'Tips' Callouts
  • Searchable 'How-To' Demos
  • Software Usage Training

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