Critical Questions For Today's Healthcare Training Executives

How do we reduce the time to market and maximize sales opportunity window?

How can we educate potential patients, and increase their enrollment?

How do we ensure that all compliance requirements are understood and implemented consistently?

How do we increase operational readiness pre and post-launch of a product?

Healthcare Sales Training- Deriving Salesforce Performance


  • Industry spends over $ 1 billion annually on sales training.
  • 85% of $ 1 billion is allocated for travel and logistics.
  • Only 15 % is spent on content and engagement.

Healthcare and Pharma companies view the money spent on sales training as an investment, but as the ratio of sales reps to practicing physicians grows, sales managers face increasing pressure to measure the return on that investment.

We are helping healthcare and pharmaceutical CLOs harness the power of digital learning and achieve desired sales results. Our healthcare training solutions include:

  • Competitive product training
  • Product feature simulations
  • Sales process navigator training
  • Sales performance training

Regulatory and Compliance Training- The Chief Compliance Officer's Imperative

Healthcare Compliance and Regulatory Challenges Today

  • 43% of Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) have other responsibilities and managing compliance often takes the second seat.
  • 80% of clinical trials fail to meet timelines due to regulatory issues- protracted timelines increase costs and decrease revenues.
  • More than 40% of patients sustain significant risks due to insufficient healthcare literacy and education.

Our healthcare training solutions are aligned to the regulatory and compliance goals of an organization. Our solutions are:

  • Workplace Compliance Training
    • Preventing discrimination and harassment
    • Maintaining data integrity
    • Substance abuse in workplace
  • General Compliance Training
    • HIPAA Compliance
    • CFR 212 Compliance
    • Professional Compliance

Connecting Brands With Customers

Our healthcare communication team comprises of certified physicians. We help brands establish meaningful experiences with their customers.

  • Product pre-launch perceptor marketing
  • Product post launch customer experience management
  • Customer/ Medical community management (Collaborative and social engagement driven)
  • Digital compendiums, posters, and self-service resources
  • Mobile healthcare solutions (mobile information and business apps)

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Healthcare is omnichannel. It influences life in many ways. We are helping brands meet their customers through digital exchanges.

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