Deliver managed governance and oversight on training spend

Employees and Students- CLO’s first customers

Customer emotion is the #1 factor in customer loyalty. Treating employees as first-hand customers helps CLO teams increase employee or student loyalty throughout their learning lifecycle.

Traditional managed learner service models often emphasize the utilitarian aspects of effectiveness and ease rather than emotion- how interactions make customers (employees and students) feel. At Forward Eye, we are helping CLO teams implement a managed support model that focuses on the learner’s emotional experience.

  • Learner Experience Management
  • Learner Helpdesk Support
  • Platform Technical Support
  • Managed learning services
managed learning services
Our approach to delivering managed learning services is supported by:
  1. Hybrid Engagement Model. A combination of onsite and offshore resources to maximize operational value.
  2. Forward Mobilization Approach. Initiation- Stabilization- Expansion is our three stage mobilization approach that helps rapid fine-tuning of the processes.
  3. Multi-touch Governance Components. As mentioned above, multi-touch point governance policies help in increasing productivity standards.
  4. The CLO-CMO-CTO Round Table™. Beyond the desk; multi-channel support- phone, email, web, and mobile.

Our Forward Mobilization approach enables a seamless setup, and services transitioning with minimal disruption to the client’s business.

Fluid Workforce Model for CLOs
  • Elearning development using rapid authoring tools
  • Digital content migration and porting
  • LCMS driven content authoring
  • Content quality analysis
  • Media asset optimization
  • Learner case management
  • Class scheduling, registrations
  • Instructors, facilities management
  • Helpdesk and issue management
  • LMS, LCMS technical support
  • Virtual learning network support
  • Cloud application support
  • Ticketing and issue management

Partnering with you

Do you believe a memorable learning experience can improve performance results? Schedule a call to discuss with our experts.

Whether a corporate learner or a student, positive emotions in the learning lifecycle can impact learning outcomes. Also, every learner or student expects and deserves personalized support during his or her learning lifecycle. Our managed learning services accelerate learning experiences for small, medium, and large organization sizes.

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