Mobile Learning- Decoupling Content and Design

Harnessing singularity of instruction and engagement in mobility

Our approach to mobile learning separates content from creative.

Beyond learning-on-the-go, mobile learning offers the the dual benefits of instruction and engagement. We approach mobile learning with both properties in mind.

Diversity in mobile devices demand singular focus on how content should be presented in context of space and time. We adopt a discovery-based instructional approach that adapts to multiple devices and platforms.

Mobile engagement is significantly driven by events and controls in specific devices. With an undivided focus on design, we create engagements and interactions that entice the learner across such devices.

Mobility in Learning, Performance Support and Beyond

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Benefits of Responsive Design

Organizations can leverage mobile learning in many ways. The key benefits of responsive mobile learning are:

  • A single mobile learning course package can be designed to work on multiple devices
  • One version of mobile learning course to track and maintain- lesser administrative hassles
  • Deliver from your LMS or website, even as an app from the app store
  • Just in time learning with searchable content – makes learning highly accessible
  • New design inspirations from Google’s material design and Apple’s flat design practices
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