Mobile learning- enabling employee performance at finger tips.

Short, focused, memorable = Digestible, problem-solving, engaging

Mobile learning is more than just mobility. We drive mobile learning to just-in-time learning.

The moment customers ask us about mobile learning, we know they are about to access the closest tool to employee performance improvement.

We help your organization leverage mobile learning for:

  • Delivering bite-size learning content that is easy to understand
  • Designing learning solutions targeted to business problems
  • Creating unique learning experiences using immersive techniques
  • Making learning fun and yet measurable through apps, games, etc.
mobile elearning games

What possibilities does mobile learning offer for your organization?

Gamified elearning modules

We’ll help design gamified elearning courses targeted for your mobile users, making the most bland topics memorable- board games, roleplays, branching simulations, puzzles, and more.

Converting classroom trainings to mobile elearning

Our learning designers will help create a strategy to easily migrate your classroom training into responsive mobile learning courses.

Game-based assessments

We’ll help in creating addictive game-based quizzes from your old-fashioned assessments. Now not only measure learning transfer but enhance the complete learner experience.

Apps focused on learning

Stand-alone apps for learning are a great tools for self-help, troubleshooting, how-to instructions, and more. We’ll help in designing apps from mlearning apps to virtual/augmented reality experiences.

Partnering with you

What are the results you want to achieve in your next mobile learning project? Write to us NOW, to discuss with our experts.

We will help you in end-to-end learning development including:

  • Instructional design & strategy
  • User-interface and visual design
  • Creative asset development
  • Learning development & QA
  • Video production and recording
  • Localization and translation
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