Discoverability of content is taking the front seat.

Modularity, Discoverability, Omni-channel is the new normal for digital publishing.

Digital content is now omnipresent and omnichannel. We liberate your content to be fluidic and medium-agnostic.

Digital Publishing- Strategy and Design

  • Digital product strategy
  • Digital content design
  • Content acquisition strategy

Content Authoring and Modernization

  • Content authoring, & development
  • Content modernization
  • Artwork & graphic design
  • Editorial & production management

Our approach to decoupling content from creative, harnesses the dual benefits of digital content publishing. Our Digital Production and Content Services provide end-to-end capabilities needed to produce, deliver, manage, track and optimize digital content cost effectively across multiple channels.

  • Adaptive experience designing
  • Content creation (web, email, mobile, social)
  • Content localization
  • Content formatting and standardization
  • Content QA and testing
  • Content taxonomy and metadata management
  • Content quality assurance and approval
  • Content tagging and analytics
  • Campaign strategy and planning
  • Campaign design and optimization
  • Tools and platform management
  • Campaign execution and reporting
  • Analytics and optimization

Contact us today to discuss your digital content publishing project.

We offer a suite of end-to-end digital content publishing services. From product documentation to interactive eBooks, medical journals, magazines, and apps, our services help you achieve your digital publishing goals.

Our testing labs and quality assurance processes evaluate your digital product on devices including smartphones, tablets, eReaders; and also include ink-and-paper products.

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