The business benefits of a hyperscale L&D model are unmissable.

Rethink custom elearning development that is truly scalable.

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Hyperscale L&D™ model- sourcing aligned to your business goals.

Our Hyperscale L&D™ custom elearning development model ensures an agile, see-through delivery lifecycle that allows innovation and iterations, till we reach the BIG results you need.

Why see-through?

  1. Learning leaders get to experience the courses before they are rolled-out
  2. Collaborative feedback is put right back into development
  3. Iterative prototyping and piloting to get desired results

How can we help create custom elearning tailored to achieve your training goals.

Organizational knowledge is built overtime, but never capitalized

Our learning designers will work with you to transform the Tacit and Explicit knowledge your organization holds into experiential elearning courses.

What does it involve?

  1. Codifying Tacit knowledge
  2. Creating templates for information collection
  3. Structuring knowledge for multi-channel usability
Increasing the value of instructor-led trainings

We modernize your instructor-led trainings. by prioritizing ‘meaning over media’ and ‘engagement over exposure’.


By integrating self-paced, self-help interventions including:

  1. Engaging Quizzes
  2. Exciting Games & Adventures
  3. Simulated Activities, and more
Replenish your legacy learning investments

We will help you rebuild the value of your legacy elearning assets by modernizing them content and technology-wise.

Ask us how we can help in creating modular and manageable elearning assets, including:

  1. Simulations
  2. Videos
  3. Custom elearning courses
  4. Jobaids, and more
Keep your brand at the top of your game

With us as your elearning development partner, Hyperscale L&D™ changes how sourcing gets aligned to your business goals. We will help in developing training solutions that transform your employees from learner to brand advocates.

  1. Train
  2. Retrain
  3. Fine-tune again till you achieve your business goals

Partnering with you

What are the results you want to achieve in your next learning project? Write to us NOW, to discuss with our experts.

We will help you in end-to-end learning development including:

  • Instructional design
  • User-interface and visual design
  • Creative asset development
  • Animated video creation
  • Video production and recording
  • Localization and translation
  • Custom elearning development and QA
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