The Business Benefits of a Hyper-Scale Elearning Development Model are Simply Unmissable.

Train and retrain employees, the way they love it.

Forward Eye Elearning Services

At Forward Eye, our approach to accelerating enterprise growth is based on 3 impact points- customers, employees and the enterprise.

Towards this, we offer a hyper-scale learning and development outsourcing model to maximize learning transfer and on-job performance.

Our services are:

  • Custom content development (SME engagement)
  • Custom elearning development
  • Migration or conversion of Flash to HTML5 courses
  • Content authoring through more than 15 LCMS and platforms
  • Elearning course and content quality assurance and testing

What we do

Our custom elearning development model delivers the advantage of ‘hyper-scale learning development’ to our clients. This means an elearning development process that allows:

  1. maximum agility in design and development sprints
  2. seamless collaboration between instructional designers, subject matter experts, and project stakeholders
  3. feedback leading to changes or revisions having minimal impact on timelines and commercials
  4. higher rate of ownership for client stakeholders at all stages of the project lifecycle

We design high-impact, short learning nuggets that are targeted to fit busy work-lives of your employees. Our bite-sized microlearning courses are tailored to impact your learners and help achieve targeted training outcomes.

Like we said, ‘Engagement Over Exposure’. We will design engaging, high quality video that will immerse your learners in the overall experience. From customized explainer videos, animated whiteboard videos, to brand mashups, we evaluate your business need to identify and design the best video solution that solves the challenge at hand.

Have you invested in designing Flash courses and libraries over the years and decades? We will help you revive your investment in legacy Flash libraries. With our ‘hyper-scale learning development’ model, we will help convert your Flash courses into HTML based courses, with minimal cost and an highly optimized development process.

‘Meaning Over Media’, is our approach to visual media designing. We use a variety of animation techniques to illustrate complex topics in more meaningful ways for a learner to understand. From simpler animations to complex animations, we will design visuals that deliver meaning to your learners.

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