For students, every day is an opportunity, a chance to succeed.

Ask us how our ‘Success Lab’ model can help increase student success rates.

“Which program & Institution should I choose for my career?”

Student Aspirant
Student Aspirant

Institution and Program Outreach

We use data and insights to create a targeted campaign to maximize institution and program outreach. We work alongside your team to create a strategy that includes:

  • Identifying your institutional and program goals
  • Researching competitive landscapes
  • Formulating your competitive advantages
  • Discovering best opportunities from your program growth
  • Engagement program execution and management

Enrollment Support & Guidance

We help in tracking admissions, enrollment, and financial aid processes making it easy to submit required documents while guiding on the next steps. No more missing documents or deadlines preventing students from completing their application or requisites on time.

“Did they receive my application?
What paperwork do I need to submit?”


“My family is having financial issues paying my next semester’s fee.
What resources can I avail?”

Enrolled Student
Enrolled Student

Enhancing on-campus and online student retention

We make it easier for students to stay connected with your resources, so they can stay enrolled and on track to achieve their dreams. Our approach to on-campus and online student retention includes:

  • Improving student success by proactive communication and performance monitoring in the learning management system
  • Developing procedures to help students tackle the academic challenges they face online and on campus
  • Analyzing academic performance data to support students in overcoming their unique challenges

Curriculum and Learning Design

We collaborate with your faculty and SMEs to translate teaching curriculums into student-centric experiences. We apply best practices for developing online instruction and assessments. We help in:

  • Transforming regular classroom sessions into interactive learning experiences
  • Developing experiential learning with interactive labs and simulations
  • Game-based learning applications
  • Virtual reality based unique learning experiences

“Is there a way I could play around to see how right or wrong decisions matter? Without risks ofcourse.”

Student Journeys
Student Journeys

Partnering with you

Are you interested in re-calibrataing educational outcomes? Contact us to discuss how digital learning can help you achieve the results you need.

Whether you’re a higher education publisher or an education manager, our curriculum and instructional strategists, designers, and technologists create seamless strategies that offer an easy transition from print to digital to mobile. Our expert teams address the entire educational content lifecycle—from product conception to delivery, from digital learning to student experience management.

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