Higher Education technology Needs To Jump Beyond Forecasts And Analyst Reports

Higher education technology to drive demand for student outreach and enrollments

Test lab environment to test the success of academic and educational program transformation

Success in higher education is linked to students. There is no room for failures.

Success Labs For Higher Education Institutes

3 cornerstones of a Success Lab:

Academic Expertise, Technological Talent, and Scalable Operations.

Leaders at education institutes need to be able to ‘sufficiently’ experiment to derive the catalytic factor that transforms the digital education system.

It is time, we align environments and tools that allow higher education leaders to experiment with what works best for their educational setup. At Forward Eye, we are determined to offer our capabilities for higher education leaders to leverage.

  • The Lab. We offer a ‘lab’ environment with blended tools and skills for higher education leaders to experiment innovation. Leaders at higher education institutes can now leverage a highly economical and low risk environment to transform their educational systems.
  • The Team. Skilled team members from different academic streams and with hands-on experience around a variety of educational technologies form the Lab Center of Excellence.
  • Scalable Tech. Scalable and accessible tools and technologies that can easily be updated or versioned to meet future needs are the cornerstone of the lab.

Academic Product and Market Research

Ensure success of your academic programs by collecting necessary and sufficient data points. We help in establishing statistical data points that guide your academic program strategy and feasibility.

  • Competitive analysis. Our competitive research empowers intelligent decision making around pricing, messaging and program components.
  • Program Feasibility. Before a program launch, we ensure the program success by researching the course trends, employment outlook, competitive analysis and historical online success.

Marketing and Demand Generation

Implement a maximum outreach campaign and communicate your school’s strengths, brand, program portfolio, and performance objectives.

  • Campaign Management and Optimization. Collaborate with your internal teams and agencies to plan, manage and optimize marketing campaigns to ensure targeted student enrollments.
  • Display Ad Management and Optimization. Develop and optimize large scale display/ banner/ digital ads for maximized student outreach.
  • Content and Social Marketing. Plan, develop and manage long-term content and social marketing, delivering meaningful conversations with student communities.
  • Program and Partner Sites. Develop and manage student engagement for program launches and enrollment.

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