Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) ought to be fun, energetic, and always on the mark.

vILTs that top the learning transfer charts, designed for the hybrid workforce economy.

As part of a blended learning program or even as a stand-alone training program, we have believed in the ability of virtual instructor led training (vILT) can be different from sluggish and disconnect.

We help in rapid development of virtual instructor led training (vILT) including:

  • Animated walkthroughs
  • Friendly competitions
  • Paired activities
  • Quizzes/Puzzles
  • Games
  • Simulations
  • Questions and surveys
Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT)

What does virtual instructor led training impact- Learning transfer? ROI? On-job performance?

Repurpose ILT to vILT

We transform content to include more visual simulation to drive learner engagement when repurposing ILTs into vILTs.

Contextual vILT modelling

We help in creating the right settings for the vILT classrooms, so learners can sink into to the training subject easily.

Addictive, attention-grabbing multimedia

We design elevating participant experiences by including attention-grabbing videos, animations, infographics, mini-games, and exciting polling questions into vILT sessions.

Scenario-based content presentation

Scenario-based content presentation in virtual instructor led training sessions can offer a plethora of themes to immerse participants in the session. We can design comic-strips, animated reels, illustrated slides to improve visual engagement in virtual instructor led trainings.

Partnering with you

Want to design a vILT and not sure where to start? Write to us NOW, to discuss with our experts.

We will help you in end-to-end vILT development including:

  • Instructional design, content curation
  • Visual design, classroom setting
  • Creative asset development
  • Animated video creation
  • Breakout sessions, polls, quizzes
  • Train the trainer sessions
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