Who We Are

We are a team of digital strategists, practitioners, and enthusiasts delivering cross-pollinized digital experiences. Our approach to accelerating enterprise growth is based on 3 impact points- customers, employees and the enterprise.

Hyper Scale Employee and Customer Experience Solutions

Note from the founder:

In the last 5 years, I have realized a sea change in the marketplace conditions. Customers are driving enterprises towards everyday innovation. Consumerism has transformed into the new Demand Democracy. Workforce has now extended beyond the workplace. Winning enterprises need to deliver out-of-the-box customer experiences, everyday. A high-performing workforce is the only way to customer success. 

I strongly believe it’s time we bring the CLO, CMO and CTO organizations together; implement Hyper-Scale Employee Performance and Customer Experience Solutions. This is what we are doing at Forward Eye, transforming the digital enterprise.

– B (Ben) Nayak

Our Core Members

  • Ben Nayak, Cofounder Forward Eye


    Food and happiness

    B (Ben) Nayak Principal Analyst

    Ben mentors a cross-pollinized team of digital learning, marketing, and enterprise solution experts. He is a keen practitioner of delivering hyper-scale digital experiences to employees, customers, and the enterprise itself. He finds happiness in discovering traditional food recipes and trying them out himself.

  • Isha Counder Forward Eye


    Aerobics & green tea

    Isha Director, Operations

    Isha ensures smooth operations across our offices at New Delhi, Bhubaneswar, and Bangalore. A fitness enthusiast, she also ensures to sweat out in her aerobic sessions.

  • elearning design lead


    Seas and night drives

    Anoop Design Lead

    Anoop leads the design initiatives across the business and also involves in training design concepts to our new team members.

  • elearning development lead


    Indi-pop & chicken recipes

    Ishmeet Development Manager

    Ishmeet leads the rapid development team at Forward Eye. When not working with his variables and triggers, he loves listening to his favorite music on You Tube.

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