About Us

Forward Eye is a trusted Learning, Marketing, and Digital Solutions provider for corporates worldwide. Our approach to accelerating enterprise growth is based on 3 impact points- customers, employees and the enterprise.

The CLO-CMO-CTO Round Table™

Enterprise teams are pressed to follow strict business processes. As a result, the CLO, CMO, & CTO functions work in silos and are unable to handhold each other’s experiences and expertise. We offer cross-pollinized experiences by integrating 3 business functions- The CLO, The CMO, and The CTO, a round table that achieves business goals together.

#Hyperscale SuccessLab™ 

Our Hyperscale SuccessLab™ model ensures an agile, see-through design and delivery lifecycle that allows innovation and iterations, till we reach the BIG results you need.

Note from the founder:

The last few years have compelled us to rethink how businesses need to run, compete, and succeed. Customers are driving enterprises towards everyday innovation. Consumerism has evolved into the new Demand Democracy. Workforce has now extended beyond the workplace. Winning enterprises need to deliver out-of-the-box customer and employee  experiences, everyday. How do we develop & deliver solutions, gather feedback, fine-tune, develop & deliver again?

We need continuous cycles to innovate and achieve the big results we need. All that, without bloating up the commercials. This is what we are doing at Forward Eye, transforming the digital enterprise.

– B (Ben) Nayak

Our team leaders

V.P Women Empowerment
CEO, Principal Analyst
Dr.Rekha PhD
Scientific Advisor, Health & Sciences
Design Lead
Rapid Authoring Lead
QA Lead