Forward Eye Consulting rated as the Best 101 Augmented Reality Companies in India.

Forward Eye Top 101 AR Companies2022

Best Startup India, managed by Fupping LTD, a London based media company, selected Forward Eye as the Best 101 Augmented Reality Companies in India 2022.

London — August 01, 2022 — Best Startup India researched 400,000 startups and over 1,800,000 people in India that are providing innovative augmented reality services and solutions. Based on their track record, executive leadership, market share, innovation, and ESG rating, a list of the best 101 augmented reality companies was curated.

“We are thankful of this recognition as it encourages our team’s hard work and research into path-breaking augmented reality solutions. As the augmented reality and virtual reality space is evolving by the day, we are invested in bringing use cases and technology to develop real world applications. Our ‘Success Lab’ model allows our clients to design, test, and calibrate experiential technologies to solve critical business challenges.”, said Ben Nayak, Co-founder at Forward Eye Consulting.

Augmented reality overlays experiential digital content and information within the real world. Users experience digital content and information along their physical world, as if they were actually there with them. Augmented Reality presents endless possibilities to explore digital content and information virtually but still a part of your physical worlds. Augmented Reality allows users to perform search visually, look for information and answers within your physical world in an experiential manner.

About Forward Eye Consulting

Forward Eye is a trusted elearning and VR-AR solutions provider for corporates worldwide.

Our Hyperscale L&D™ model ensures an agile, see-through training delivery lifecycle that allows innovation and iterations, till we reach the BIG results you need.

Our services include:
1. Content development (Research and instructional solutions)
2. Custom elearning development
3. Digital publishing solutions
4. Educational technology solutions
5. Virtual and Augmented application

About Best Startup India.

Best Startup India aims to be at the heart of a growing Indian ecosystem of innovative startups. It showcases the best of Indian business and innovation to an international audience. BestStartup India is managed, by Fupping LTD, a London based media company.

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We will help you in end-to-end learning development including:

1. Custom elearning solutions
2. Microlearning solutions
3. Mobile learning solutions
4. Virtual instructor-led solutions
5. VR and AR solutions

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