Student success is skilling them in knowledge and in practice.

How do higher education leverage edtech (Ed3), transcending education to employability.


There isn’t a paved path. The path forward is about testing new possibilities.

Adoption of educational technology is no new. Higher education institutes are mostly equipped with intelligent tools including content authoring platforms, student experience platforms, admission and finance management systems.

The last decade has been about improving student outcomes, with a systems-centric approach.

  • Systems or platforms mapped to program goals were institutionalized
  • Student lifecycle was onboarded for a better experience and system-mapped
  • Student outcomes were scored, success rates were reported in dashboard analytics

From realm 1 to realm 3, from self-paced learning to adaptive learning, and MOOCs. Realm 4 is no more about delivering to students. It is placing students in control.

It is time to shift from being systems-centric to “student-centric”.

Higher education must embrace a student’s notion of success. Educational programs need to be human-centric, not hard study.

Everything theory is getting practical. Not contesting primal tech of curriculum development, knowledge imbibed in text book and its digital formats are changing in experience.

  • A lecture about dental implants has evolved into discovery-based procedural learning
  • 3 months program on forensics investigation has seen adoption in practice simulations
  • Text books on nursing have transformed in to Rubik’s cube mobile apps
Learning Biology is more than listening to lectures in a classroom. Students immerse in virtual worlds, face to face with its animal inhabitants and learn about infectious diseases or genetic diversity. Arizona State University implemented a metaverse with Dreamscape Learn, where over 7000 students have taken the Biology course in virtual reality.

A decentralized, blockchain-powered (web3) internet today has the given rise to a radically new vision, Ed3. Virtual and augmented reality, place students, irrespective of their geo-locations, at the center of learning. How?

  • Students manage their educational wallets, learning and adding to their educational repositories.
  • Ed3 is where students own their achievements, from kindergarten to graduation and ahead.
  • As students catalogue their educational paths, they partner with institutes and employers to pave their careers.

Partnering with you

Want to explore how edtech can open realm4 to your students. Contact us today.

We will help you in evaluating and creating Ed3 solutions including:

  • Curriculum evaluation and transformation
  • Ed3 (VR, AR, Metaverse) platforms
  • Custom content development
  • Student experience management and administration
  • Edtech support and maintenance
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