Too many lab-built learning programs, too less influenced of learners’ voice.

We create employee education programs that embrace and unlock the potential of the whole employee.

Employee onboarding process

Onboarding and Adoption

Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%- Brandon Hall research.

Our vision of onboarding starts at pre-selection and nurtures through pre-competence, role alignment, workplace adoption, and cultural integration. Imagine a common ground or ecosystem that helps employees and new joiners exchange and adopt the idea of a workplace including:

  • Cultural efficiencies
  • Early career support mechanisms
  • Interpersonal networks
  • Strategy and vision immersion

Compliance Education

The key levers to embedding and sustaining a compliance culture across a business is about enabling compliance employee education at all levels and then measure the impact on behavior and conduct, not merely testing transactions.

Our approach to implementing a compliance employee education program starts by:

  • Anchoring role models that lead by example.
  • Setting the right goal posts throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • Providing the right information involving incentives and recognition.
  • Attribute and assess compliance education to impact on behavior and conduct.
Incyte Pharma Compliance Program Case Study
Sales Education Example Image

Sales Enablement

Sales operations are always in overdrive, adapting to new realities of selling lifecycles. We work with your teams to carefully craft sales enablement programs that improve sales effectiveness and leadership development. We can help you develop:

  • Sales Curriculums
  • CRM Adoption Programs
  • Sales Practice Simulations
  • Adaptive Assessments
  • Blended Learning Journeys