16 Series Financial Product Training for a Financial Services Company.


The client is one of the world’s largest multinational investment bank and financial services corporation. The company implements an integrated financial leadership training program to increase product knowledge at various levels of its leadership.

High performing product managers lead this initiative by sharing their tacit knowledge with aspiring managers. The first challenge was to implement a way of transforming the tacit know-how into easy-to-understand tangible learning bytes. The next challenge was to test the curriculum with a pilot group and fine-tune before rolling out to a wider audience, without any budget overflow.

financial elearning

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Forward Eye was selected to develop a series of 16 elearning courses aligned to the global product and securitization training curriculum. The key challenge was to keep the elearning course development iterative and SME friendly. Involving multiple product managers and SMEs, the course content needed continuous reviews and feedback. The project sponsor feared this may lead to unwarranted inflating of the development budget and resources.

Our Solution

Our Hyperscale L&D™ model stands on four cornerstones, predictability, sustainability, profitability, and de-risking. We evaluated all the four factors against the project needs and proposed a business model that solved the client’s challenges.

An agile, iterative, and see-through development model allowed SMEs and product managers to review courses as they are developed. Feedback sessions were opened at predetermined timings on a live review tool. Instructional and quality reviews were performed on the feedback shared. Feedback were then sanitized into developer tasks and taken back to development.

We developed a global product control and process training program that included 16 series elearning curriculum. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Global Product Control Accounting Standards Codification 820 and Variable Interest Entity Reporting Procedures
  • Accounting Standards Codification 815 Hedge Monitoring Procedures
  • Balance Sheet Account Ownership and Review Procedures
  • Daily Product Line Balance Sheet (PLBS) Review Procedures
  • and various similar topics

Visual standardization

Visual and memory engagement are standardized and based on a predetermined benchmark matrix. Text boxes, shapes, background colors, and other visual components are standardized in order to increase intuitiveness of the learner.


Meaningful and complimenting graphics are used to anchor subjectivity in highly technical courses.

Adaptive Assessments

Adaptive assessments paths allowed learners navigate to alternate paths based on their answers or selections.

Development Tools

Articulate 360

Creative Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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