Building successful managers and franchise owners through blended employee training.


Our client is an American fast food restaurant and the world’s second-largest private employer with 1.7 million employees. The company believes that the success of its restaurants and the company is achieved through the skills of people it employs. ‘Unlocking the power of our people’ is the way of creating value around the employees, a measurable value and a sense of competitive differentiation. Linking strategic business goals to training has been the way to go for the fast food chain.

Retail Franchisee Training McDonald's

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The essential principles of training for the company stems from its founders, and focuses around quality, service, and cleanliness. Forward Eye was brought in to work with the company's corporate university and develop a highly engaging and practical elearning curriculum, Hamburger U, that takes best practices from the most high-speed and promising employees and create a results-driven training curriculum for other employees.

Our Solution

While the university has embraced technology learning in the forms of blended learning, combining e-learning with on-the-job training, coaching and performance reviews through the store managers, because of the customer-service orientation of the business, the company has favored face-to-face training largely at their campus.

Coverage: We developed 19 e-learning courses that offer basic customer service skills to low-level employees. These modules also offer mid-level managers instruction on leadership skills and development and also address leadership development and functional skills specific to job roles.

Approach: The training solution follows a Constructivist approach using a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on lab activities, goal-based scenarios and self-paced e-learning modules. Managers are trained in mock scenarios, offering them real-world experience in a controlled environment.

Development Tools

Articulate 3, Adobe Illustrator

Creative Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Aftereffects

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