Advanced sales competency development- adaptive sales training program and assessment


The client is one of the world’s largest direct selling company that sells health, beauty, and home care products. As part of its corporate growth strategy, the client provides extensive sales development training to its associate business owners. This is critical to how the business successfully operates in more than countries with over 17,000 business owners.

Sales Development Training

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As the sales training development partner, Forward Eye was trusted to develop a series of 32 elearning courses aligned to the sales development plan of the company. The key objective was to educate the associates about the multiple levels of bonuses and the financial growth plan towards achieving them. This makes a highly technical and complex sales training curriculum. Delivering a mathematical curriculum and yet make it easy to relate in a real world scenario was the biggest challenge.

Our Solution

We developed a sales development training program that was segmented into 32 elearning courses. The curriculum was spread from basic to advanced training concepts. The key objectives of the training program were to:

  • enhance the product knowledge of the business owners
  • develop the selling skills to help them build their business more effectively
  • empower successful business owners to effectively train other ABOs in their groups.

Characters of the stage: Characters were chosen and used to represent countries and locales. Real photographic characters were used to strongly anchor memory and relevance.

Scenarios: Each character as an ABO was presented as a case history. Using such characters, the ABO journey was presented. Learners can now move through the journey and experience the sales path of the ABO characters.

Animated calculations: Complex mathematical calculations representing bonus points were animated to the story. Users can perform interactions to see bonus scores, make decisions on reward points and understand how each calculation unfolds.

Adaptive Test Paths: Adaptive assessments were developed along three levels. A beginner ABO can start from the bronze level, move up to silver, and finally achieve Platinum levels. Also, with each question path, adaptive questions were designed that navigate users to alternate paths based on their answers.

Development Tools

Articulate 360

Creative Tools

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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